Sweatshirts Printing

Screen Printing is a traditional ink-based print, which uses a photo sensitive process to create the image of your artwork on a mesh screen. This allows ink to pass through the mesh screen onto the garment when pressure is applied by a rubber ‘squeegee’ moving across the screen to push the ink through. The image left on the garment is that of the artwork. Screen printing is interesting because each colour in the artwork is applied individually, so multi-colour designs can take some time to setup.

Each colour then must be in perfect registration, so the artwork looks perfect. Once printed, the wet ink is then dried onto the garment through a large tunnel dryer which cures the ink. This method is usually for minimum 20 pieces and is perfect for bulk runs as it can produce 500 per hour per machine at full tilt. Banana Moon has 1000 per hour capacity.

Sweatshirt Vinyl Printing

Vinyl printing uses a huge range of vinyl rolls which are cut out on plotters to re-create your artwork or text. The vinyl is then ‘weeded’ away from the roll to leave behind the part to be applied. This is applied to the garment via a heat press which applies heat and pressure to bind the vinyl to the garment. Vinyl printing is good for small runs from around 1 – 10 items.

All individual names are put through this method as well as the special effect vinyl’s we have like felts, glitters, sparkles and many more. So small orders, individual names for leavers hoodies and stag and hen t-shirts are regularly produced via this process.

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